Core business
Focus on intelligent manufacturing with technology as the core

Flexible intelligent production line greatly improves OEE of production line, and still ensures high quality, low cost and rapid delivery capacity in the case of large personalization.


Machine vision system has image recognition, appearance detection, visual positioning, information extraction and measurement, greatly improving the efficiency of industrial production and product accuracy.


The application fields of industrial robots mainly include arc welding, spot welding, assembly, handling, painting, testing, palletizing, grinding and polishing, laser processing and other complex operations.

Non sta..

Non standard automation equipment pays more attention to modularization, users can customize products according to their different needs.


Automatic dispensing function can realize some processes that can not be completed by manual dispensing. In the degree of automation, it can realize the three-axis linkage and intelligent work.


Automatic screw machine uses pneumatic and PLC technology to realize automatic operation, reduce manpower and improve efficiency.


The automatic soldering machine heats and melts the tin wire through the automatic heating iron. The machine adopts the automatic tin feeder to form a firm and reliable welding point after cooling.


Automatic labeling machine is an automatic equipment which can paste the paper or metal foil label into the specified packaging container or product.

Committed to providing customers with industrial intelligent manufacturing solutions
Price advantage
Factory production and direct sales Eliminate all circulation links
Time advantage
We have a short lead time Time can be controlled
Technical advantages
Source manufacturer If you have technical problems, you can communicate directly
Quality advantage
Produce products of excellent quality The warranty period is one year
Customization advantage
According to product type, specification and process Non standard customization
After sales advantages
One to one customer service to answer for you Let you have no worries

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